'You've got this' Notebook

'You've got this' Notebook


To follow our 'let's ride the wave together' ideology we have created beautiful surfer notebooks that show a person about to embark on an experience out at sea. Much like us riding waves of anxiety, intrusive thoughts and depression we are embarking on a journey as well. A journey that we have full control over.


This lined A5 sized notebook is a wonderful reminder that you are doing amazingly well and we are all in this together! Whether you choose to use it as a shopping to do-list, a place for doodles and ideas or to use as paper for your Ebb and Flow boxes, this notebook is a really great tool to keep with you to help clear a overactive and clouded mind. Whether you're at work, in school or simply on the bus, look at this notebook and know that 'you've got this'.

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