Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow


Ebb & Flow, we believe is a fantastic tool to help you when experiencing overwhelming negative and/or intrusive thoughts.


'Ebb' like the tide going out to sea, represents throwing negative thoughts away.


'Flow', is the opposite, the tide returning, encouraging positive mindfullness.


You can use your box for either Ebb or Flow.


Ebb helps to rid and detach your mind from negative thoughts by physcially posting them away. Intrusive thoughts are not you, they are simply a thought. Writing them down and posting them into the box can help detach from their meaning. The box is lockable so only you have access. Once the box is full you can throw the contents away and start again until you no longer need to.


Alteranatively, you can use your box for Flow. This is a brilliant technique for those with depression or simply struggling to see the positives in life. We reccomend you write down one positive thing a day for a month and post it in the box. It can be as simple as, 'I had a lovely cup of tea'. At the end of the month, look back on your 4 weeks of positives and recall that there is colour in a world that can feel very dark.


Product Includes:

  • x2 stickers provided (Ebb & Flow) so you can customise your box.
  • Ebb & Flow Box
  • Information on Ebb & Flow Box
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