Updated: Jun 30, 2019


It's been a long time coming but we are now officially live.

I hope you get an idea of what WAVE is about from the introductory video, posted above. We are a subscription box service that aims to help those who struggle with OCD, depression and anxiety. For more information behind WAVE and how it all began please go and visit the 'About' and 'How Wave Does Wave Work?' section of the website for further detail.

I am committed to try and help others who also have the same mental illnesses as I do, and we want this blog to be an open and comforting place where we can all support and encourage one another in the process of getting better.

Let's break the stigmas surrounding mental health by talking about it, and sharing experiences and advice that has worked for you, in the hope that it might help somebody else.

Mental health issues can manifest themselves in so many different ways. Each person is a unique case which is why I believe sharing and exchanging experiences and ideas on how to cope and combat periods of anxiety and depression, can increase the likelihood of finding a method that works for you.

This space is just as much yours as it is ours, and we want to hear your advice and suggestions for future box ideas and useful products we can include.

As they say a problem shared is a problem halved.

Felicity x

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