Sweet Kuzu Recipe #wellrestedwednesday

For this 'Well Rested Wednesday' we are sharing our deliciously calming and soothing kuzu recipe. This natural based drink is known in traditional Japanese medicine to help heal and soothe, but we also find it quietens an overactive mind and really helps you drift off into the land of nod! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kuzu is not super easy to come by in ordinary supermarkets from our experience but we have listed some links below where you can purchase some from:



So, before we get going into how to make this delicious drink, you might be interested in some background information? Kuzu is derived from one of Japan's native mountain plants and is extracted from the root. Located in southern Kyushu, where the volcanic soils produce exceptionally vigorous kuzu plants, they are one of the few remaining producers of pure kuzu starch in Japan. Kuzu has been a reputable ingredient in Japanese cooking and cuisine for generations and is known for its thickening properties and sweet taste. While it can be used in general cooking as a thickening agent for delicious desserts and sauces, it also can be made into a really calming and delicious tea!


1. For one of cup of Kuzu, take one teaspoon of the powdered Kuzu (don't worry if it's quite hard in texture and has solidified into chunks, this is very normal, and will dissolve once water is added) and add to a mug of your choice. If you were wanting to make a few cups of Kuzu, apply the same method and have 1 teaspoon per person.

2. Add a splash of cold water and allow the Kuzu to dissolve and stir until lovely and smooth.

3. Now that it is nice and dissolved, fill the remainder of the mug up with cold water to measure out how much water you will be needing.

4. Now add to a saucepan and stir continuously with a wooden spoon. You need to keep stirring otherwise it will thicken and turn into a gelatinous consistency which is not what we are looking for!

5. You carry on stirring until it changes colour. It will go from a lovely white into a really muted grey.

6. When you are at this stage you can add a sweetener of your choice. Popular choices are brown rice syrup, honey, agave syrup. This just gives it a bit more sweetness and makes it really soothing and delicious to drink. We don't tend to measure the sweetener, add for your own personal taste and see how much you like with it.

7. Carefully pour back into your mug and enjoy!

We hope this helps you drift off to sleep! x

Alicia Silverstone's video on making Sweet Kuzu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiSOO7BKAe0

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