My Banana Pancake Recipe!

It's Saturday morning and all I want this morning is something yummy for breakfast. However, I am trying to clean eat more regularly as I find that it really helps to keep my head clear and I just generally feel more energised and better for it.

When I say 'clean eating', I mean, I try to cook myself. That way I know exactly what ingredients I am cooking with. I'm not cutting out any particular foods, but I'm trying to take the healthier options and to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Obviously if I go out for dinner or have a lunch with a friend I can make the exception for a sweet treat! I'm just trying to be a bit more mindful about what I put in my body as it doesn't just affect your waistline and my ability to fit into my jeans. It also affects how happy my head feels.

So! Here is my delicious but healthier take on banana pancakes!


2 Bananas (the riper the better!)

1 egg

1-2 tsps of Cinammon

1tsp Vanilla Extract

Coconut Oil

For the topping:


-Fresh Fruit

(these are what i like to add on top but you can have whatever you fancy! My brother loves to put Nutella on almost everything or keep it simple with good old lemon and sugar!).


1. Mash your bananas into a mixing bowl with a fork and then crack your egg into the mixture.

2. Beat the mixture together and then add your flavourings of vanilla and cinnamon. It's that easy!

3. Turn your stove on to a medium heat. I like to cook with coconut oil, but you can use whatever you like!

3. You can transfer the mixture into a measuring jug for easy pouring. Pour a pancake size amount into a hot pan.

4. As the pancakes do not have any flour in them they won't cook like regular pancakes. They are very delicate so good luck flipping them! They may not look perfectly symmetrical, but they taste absolutely delicious! 5. Once you've worked through your mixture and stacked them all on top of one another, drizzle your honey and add your fresh fruits. Or any other topping alternatives of your choice.


We really hope you enjoy this very simple, yet delicious recipe. It's a much healthier alternative to regular pancakes and has less processed sugar.

Happy Saturday everybody!

Fliss xx


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