Inside my personal Ebb & Flow Box

I go through the thoughts I have written down this month in our CBT inspired 'Ebb & Flow' Box! This July I I have been using it for 'FLOW'.

I thought it might useful for you to see how to use the Ebb & Flow box by seeing what kind of thoughts I have written inside my own personal one.

'FLOW' involves writing down one positive thought a day for one month. This technique is helpful for people like me who struggle with depression and low mood. After a month of writing down one positive thing a day, it is reassuring and helpful to see that among all the dark and negatives you actually did see some colour in that month.

I have attached the link to the video I filmed of me going through my box below:

As you will see, the thoughts can vary from the most mundane to ones that are much more meaningful. Whatever they are, if they are a positive then write it down!

You can obviously use your box for Ebb as well, for writing down intrusive and negative thoughts if you are struggling with anxiety and OCD. This July and I think for the next upcoming months I will continue to use mine for FLOW, as depression is my biggest hurdle at the moment.

Let me know how you've been getting on with yours!

Ebb & Flow are still available to purchase on our website, in case you missed the July box.

Fliss x

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