Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Festival'

In September I  journeyed up to Chester to attend Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Festival’. I was accompanied by my lovely mum who is one of the most supportive and understanding individuals in my life. She’s my rock. 

We had to get up very early to make it in time for the festival so it was an early start and we were on the road by 7am. After a stop at Starbucks at a motorway services and lots of chatting and nattering later we arrived at Tatton Park. I wasn’t sure what to expect, apart from that it was most likely going to be incredibly busy and maybe a couple of stalls here and there. In reality, it was a really beautiful setting. 

The park was full of like minded, smiling, uplifting individuals who were all there for the same reason. To celebrate being a community of people who sometimes struggle but who are so strong and unite on a day to show that we are all there for each other. There was zero judgement and it was a safe space where everybody understood. I was correct, it was very busy, but in the best way. Everybody was, as cliche as it sounds, ‘happy’, and willing to try something new and see what we could all offer one another. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by hundreds of tents offering a variety of activities to take part in including: meditation and mindfulness sessions, yoga, pilates, pottery decorating… the list goes on. Due to how busy it was we didn’t get the chance to book into many activities but we did visit a lot of independent and small companies selling some wonderful, relatable products. From high sensory candles and incense, to non-alcoholic alternatives (the gin was my particular favourite), acupuncture mats, clothing stalls and copious amounts of healthy and indulgent food stalls, we were spoilt for choice. 

Fearne Cotton was obviously present and was interviewing inspirational people that have spoken up about their experiences with mental health, or who have featured on her highly successful podcast, ‘Happy’. Russel Brand was due to speak, but unfortunately cancelled. If you haven’t given the podcast a listen already, do so! It’s such a fantastic podcast and each episode she speaks to different individuals about their life experiences and challenges with mental health issues. My particular favourite is her discussion with Dawn French. So good! 

After spending maybe a bit too much money, purchasing one of Fearne’s books called, ‘Calm, The Journal’ which I am due to start using, and leisurely exploring the grounds of Tatton Park we headed back home. 

After leaving I had a real sense of comfort and love from that festival. If anyone is considering going and is either a fan of Fearne Cotton herself, her podcast, or who simply fancies spending some time surrounded by like minded individuals and learning about some new innovative products that help with your mental health, then I highly recommend going.

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