EBB & FLOW Explained

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

In our first box to ever launch we have included our Ebb & Flow box! We find this a great companion when trying to combat intrusive thoughts and/ or see the positives in day to day life.

I do a pretty good job at rambling in this video, but thought I would give a sneak peak into one of our favourite techniques that we created and use. It is available in the first Wave Box and is something that I use every single day.

It can be really difficult at first to even write down a thought that you have.

Believe me when I say, 'I know how you feel'.

Your thought could be the most horrendous thing, that you don't even mean, but you've thought it and it's making you panic. You question if this thought is something you will do, or actually think. Are you the person that you thought you were?

'It must be there for a reason' is the thought process I always have after a intrusive thought.

If you start to write these horrid thoughts down and post them away, I find, it really does help to detach from them.

They are not you. Just thoughts.

This is the 'EBB' of the Ebb & Flow box. Throw those horrible thoughts away, like the tide going out. Nobody knows what is written as the box is locked and for your eyes only. Once the box is full you can throw the contents away and start again. Use this for however long you need.

You can also use the Ebb & Flow box for 'FLOW'. This is the technique I am currently using it for, as at the moment my depression is my greatest issue more so than my OCD ( I never thought I would be able to say that). I call it 'FLOW' because, like the sea coming back into shore it's about being mindful and positive about a new day and all that it brings.

I'm finding it difficult to see any positives in each day, and struggle to make myself get up and do things sometimes. I have no energy (even though I feel like all I do is sleep) and have lost enjoyment in things I used to love, and I'm struggling to concentrate!

I have been writing down one thing a day that I am pleased about, or that makes me feel good about myself. Today I wrote:

' I got a nice email from somebody I work with saying I was doing a really good job'

Very simple, but it will be one of the 30 positive things I can look back on from this month.

When you take a moment to go through your positive bits of paper, you realise that you have actually noticed a lot more than you thought you would.

'There is light among the darkness in your head'

The Ebb & Flow Box is available separately to purchase online, but is included in the first WAVE Box we are launching. Do give it a go, I know it can be challenging to think of anything positive at first, or you feel ashamed to write your ruminations down. But once you start it really can help!

Felicity x

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